Secret Article Index


Congratulations! You've discovered Keith's secret article index. Many of these articles were written several years ago and have not been updated, so you should not rely on them exclusively for any important planning or decision making.

Show Biz Celebrities

Dressed to Kill - From Sleepy Hollow to Chicago, Colleen Atwood creates beautiful costumes for beastly characters.
The Other Man - Though often overshadowed, actor Ralph Bellamy helped put Palm Springs in the spotlight.
100 Years of Hope - The Immigrant, the Comedian, the Movie Star, the Tycoon, the Humanitarian, Bob Hope.
TV's Top Dogs - 50 years ago, Lassie and Rin Tin Tin leaped into America’s living rooms.
Light in Dark Places - The courage of people with terminal illness inspires Judith Light to confront her fears.
Let's Talk About Kinsey - Liam Neeson takes on a controversial subject in an acclaimed biographical film.
Spike in the Spotlight - The Rugrat's faithful dog Spike speaks for the first time, but the voice sounds familiar.
Forever Forward - On the eve of his lifetime achievement award, Franco Zeffirelli refuses to rest on his laurels.

Fine Art

The Rainbow Connection - Peter Erskine’s art taps into the healing power of light and shade.
Music for the Massive - Composer Paul Gilman seeks to communicate with ocean giants.
Sound and Silence - World-class composer Benjamin Lees finds a quiet home in the desert.


Where the Buoys Are - Traveling from Titusville to Fort Lauderdale by personal watercraft seemed logical at the time.
Fingers of God - Get in touch with personal watercraft in Upstate New York.


The Toast of France - Once little known outside Europe, the Beauceron has made a big impression on North Americans.
Jewel of the Nile - The Egyptian mau evokes the glories of an ancient realm.
Dashing Daredevil - The spirited and steadfast Irish terrier rewards those who earn his loyalty.
Adventures in Siber Space - Energetic Siberian huskies lead their owners on an exciting ride.

Local Interest

Lessons in Teamwork - The Palm Desert Campus of CSUSB symbolizes unprecedented cooperation between public and private institutions.
Art and Science - Twin passions drive pathologist David B. Kaminsky.