Keith Bush,

Keith was a principal writer of the modestly titled The Second Best Sketch Show Ever!, which entertained audiences in Anaheim and Hollywood and inspired a sequel, We Haven't Slept Together in a Week. He was invited to perform two sketches from the second show with Troop Hollywood at the Hollywood Improv.

More recently, he wrote and starred in the short film Love Letters.

Keith is also the author of several published articles on celebrities, including

Like most people in Southern California, Keith is working on a full-length screenplay.


                                              Bush, out of his league.Keith assisted in the direction of The Second Best Sketch Comedy Show Ever! and We Haven't Slept Together in a Week before taking on primary responsibility for a portion of Giving Thanks. Although the segment was less than 20 minutes in duration, he had to cast eight actors, choreograph three dance numbers, and coordinate about a dozen costume changes and twice that many sound and light cues.

By contrast, directing the one-act play Next! was a breeze, with its cast of two - and for the only time in his directing career so far, he didn't cast himself as one of the leads.

Armed with a false sense of confidence, he decided to take on Love's Labor's Lost as his first full-length stage production. With virtually no budget, a tiny stage, and very little time to rehearse, the show somehow managed to open and close on time and the director survived more or less intact.